Fratelli Project, De La Salle and Marists Brothers – Beirut, Lebanon

De La Salle – Solidarietà Internazionale has been collaborating with the Marist Brothers in Lebanon  to ensure that Iraqi refugees fearing religious persecution and Syrian refugees fleeing the war in Syria are given support to be able to continue their children’s education. As many of these families are undocumented refugees, they have no access to education for their families through the public education system and therefore they require support as well as assistance to transition to the public-school system later.

Beyond looking after the youngest children, the project offers courses in literacy, information technology and sewing to young adults, with particular attention given to the inclusion of mothers of students who participate in the project activities. In this way, the accepting environment paired with the respect for children’s rights that is embraced during the Fratelli Project, continues on at home and the children are ready to transition into the public-school system later on in life.

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De La Salle Solidarietà Internazionale ONLUS: Fratelli Project

  • Primary School Students with their activities
  • Cooking Classes for Middle School students
  • Christmas Celebration
  • Classes for Young Adults
  • Students playing Football outside the Fratelli centre
  • Primary School Students of the Fratelli Project


The Fratelli Project is the fruit of collaborative efforts of the De La Salle Brothers and the Marist Brothers, two Roman Catholic Congregations dedicated to the education of children and youth, present in Lebanon since the end of the 19th century. Since late 2015, the Fratelli Association manages two socio-educational centres which are the “Saint-Vincent de Paul School” that operates in favour of Iraqi displaced children in Beirut and the former “Marist School of our Lady of Fatima” that operates in favour of Syrian displaced children in Rmeileh.

The Fratelli schools have around 600 children enrolled between the ages of 3 to 15 every year and they run the school program from September to July while also offering summer programs to keep the children engaged throughout the Summer months. The teachers are trained to provide for the nutritional, social, psychological and educational needs the children have while growing up in such challenging circumstances.


The Fratelli Project from the De La Salle Brothers mission is to provide care and education for the children of Iraqi and Syrian refugee families in Lebanon. By providing high quality education for these refugee children, they help to support them through this difficult transition time and help them integrate into the Lebanese society and public school system.

The Project supported by the Caritas Pro Vitae Gradu Charitable Trust

Thanks to our support the buildings of the Rmeileh educational centre were renovated and the running costs of the 2 educational centres were covered for 2019 as well as the running costs for 2020, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic, to ensure that their 600 students could continue their education.